Basic Training Application Form EASA Part 66 theoretical/practical

    Personal Information
    Country of Origin
    Guardian or Sponsor
    School Education
    Further Education and Training
    Basic Training Guidelines

    General Information

    To be considered for admission to BAETC for B1 or B2 programme, the candidate must:

    • Be eligible for admission (see Eligibility below) and submit all required documents;
    • Achieve an overall mark of 60% and above in Admission Test and Interview.

    A candidate admitted to a programme must abide by the rules and regulations of BAETC.

    Eligibility for Admission

    Admission requirements are the minimum qualifications that a candidate must have before entering a programme. To meet these requirements, a candidate must:

    • Be not less than 16 years old.
    • Have no record that prevents him/her from entering airports.

    Required Documents

    To apply for admission, a candidate must submit the following documents:

    • A completed Basic Application Form (this form);
    • High School/Secondary School certificate (if available);
    • Transcript of Records;
    • Passport and CPR copy of candidate;
    • Passport and CPR copy of parent/guardian/sponsor
    • Recent passport-sized photos (6 pieces)


    For candidates seeking sponsorship from public or private organisations, they must go through the qualifying procedures of the sponsoring organisation prior to the submission of the documents required above.

    For BAS Sponsorship, candidates must comply with all the requirements above and submit a completed nomination form (No. 04/T/F004.1) to be filled out by the nominating party (parent employed in BAS) or by the section head (if the nominee is the employee).

    For further enquiries, please contact Admissions at 17321860 or 17321874-75


    I declare the information provided in this form is correct. Any false information or deliberate alteration of facts stated herein may result in cancellation of my application. I have also read and understood the guidelines stipulated on this form.