Condensed Training Course Application Form

    Personal Information
    The course is designed as a review of EASA Part-66 module knowledge requirements for candidates who wish to attend an EASA Part-66 examination with the intention of applying for an EASA Part-66 license. This course is considered suitable for candidates who have obtained experience or previously attended relevant training. The training centre reserves the right to refuse an application if it is believed the course is not suitable for the candidates' requirements.
    Required Documents
    • A completed Customised Training Application Form (this form)
    • Passport Copy
    Terms and Conditions
    • Fifty percent (50%) of the total course fee must be paid prior to commencement. Remaining amount must be settled before course completion.
    • The course fee includes materials and examinations - one (1) examination attempt per course. All other attempts after this will be paid in accordance with the training centre's examination fee structure.
    • In an event of withdrawal from the course one (1) week prior to commencement, a refund will be offered minus fifty percent (50%) of the paid fee. If the withdrawal is done within forty-eight (48) hours prior to commencement, a refund will still be offered minus ninety percent (90%) of the paid fee. No refund will be offered once the course starts.
    • Withdrawals must be made in writing.
    • BAETC rules and regulations not stated above shall be applied as appropriate.

    I declare the information provided in this form is correct. Any false information or deliberate alteration of facts stated herein may result in cancellation of my examination. I have also read and understood the guidelines stipulated on this form.