Edexcel (BTEC) Qualifications

BAETC is an Edexcel certified training centre approved to offer BTEC programmes. The Level 3 Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering as well as the Level 5 Higher National Diploma (HND) in Aeronautical Engineering are now incorporated in the Part 66 B1/B2 course for both current and future students. This is in order to expand the educational capacity of BAETC’s educational program and provide more diverse post-secondary academic paths.

Students at BAETC or any other EASA approved Part-147 training organization who have successfully completed the 2-year training program may complete a short series of assessments under the guidance and supervision of BAETC instructors in order to obtain a Higher National Diploma (HND). The HND qualifications are widely recognised and are accredited by higher educational institutions across the globe. HND graduates have better career opportunities and may pursue further academic qualifications such as B.Sc. or B.Eng. degrees in a reduced timeframe.

To inquire about or register interest in BAETC’s Edexcel (BAETC) Qualifications program, contact the Training Centre at +973 17 321 877 or by email baetc@bas.com.bh

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