BAS Aircraft Engineering Training Centre (BAETC) is the most specialized aviation training centre in the Middle East region and is an EASA-approved Part-147 training organization that is internationally accredited across the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Established in 2004 as a subsidiary of Bahrain Airport Services (BAS), BAETC is proud of its successful history of training aircraft engineers for some of the most demanding professions in the world with complete dedication to the highest safety standards.

BAETC’s training program comprises practical, hands-on learning as well as a strong emphasis on the theoretical aspects of aircraft maintenance engineering. BAETC ensures excellence through its state-of-the-art training facilities and equipment and tutelage of internationally certified and highly qualified instructors.

Following successful completion of theoretical training and a work experience placement, students are eligible to apply to EASA for a Part-66 B1 or B2 License and can go on to earn the UK Higher National Diploma (HND), Level 5, accredited by EDEXCEL.

Vision and Mission

BAETC offers cutting-edge training programs that are renowned for their consistency and relevance to the ever-changing demands of the aviation industry. The highest quality of academic and practical training for aircraft engineering students with a forward looking to future technical and safety requirements, accredited by top aviation international institutions is driven by BAETC’s three guiding principles:

  • Responding to the needs and challenges of an ever-evolving aviation industry, providing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and the most modern means of academic and practical technical training delivered by highly qualified instructors with international experience
  • Providing students with comprehensive knowledge and skills as well as cultivating creativity and the critical thinking necessary for demanding professions that students will fulfill
  • Offering students opportunities to engage in lifelong learning and development and enhancing their prospects for establishing a successful career in the aviation industry